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"We're incredibly private, and I think we relish the privacy we do actually have and are able to sustain it," she said. We like to read books or play video games or watch TV or go to the movies. He makes dinner every night." At the time, Kunis raved about Culkin: "There are a lot of things people want him to be that he's not," Kunis continued.

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Gothic II Press B during game play to display the starting menu. Press [F2] during game play to display the console window. TOOGLE FREEPOINTS All Freepoints indicates, can be used like Waypoints. TOOGLE TIME On the top right the Gothic time is indicated. TOOGLE WAYNET The net of all Waypoints is indicated. Amulets ITAM_AMULETTOFDEATH_MIS The Divine aura of Innos ITAM_DEX_01 Amulet of Agility ITAM_DEX_STRG_01 Amulet of Power ITAM_HP_01 Amulet of Life ITAM_HP_MANA_01 Amulet of Enlightenment ITAM_MANA_ANGAR_MIS Angars Magic Amulet ITAM_PROT_BLACKEYE_MIS Soul Summoning Amulet ITAM_PROT_EDGE_01 Harness Amulet ITAM_PROT_FIRE_01 Amulet of Fire ITAM_PROT_MAGE_01 Amulet of Spiritual Power ITAM_PROT_POINT_01 Amulet of Oak Skin ITAM_PROT_TOTAL_01 Amulet of Ore Skin ITAM_STRG_01 Amulet of Strength ITMI_INNOSEYE_BROKEN_MIS Eye of Innos ITMI_INNOSEYE_DISCHARGED_MIS Eye of Innos ITMI_INNOSEYE_MIS Eye of Innos Rings ITRI_DEX_01 Ring of Skill ITRI_DEX_02 Ring of Dexterity ITRI_DEX_STRG_01 Ring of Power ITRI_HP_01 Ring of Life ITRI_HP_02 Ring of Liveliness ITRI_HP_MANA_01 Ring of Enlightenment ITRI_MANA_01 Ring of Magic ITRI_MANA_02 Ring of Astral Power ITRI_ORCELITERING Ring of the Orcish Warlords ITRI_PROT_EDGE_01 Ring of Iron Skin ITRI_PROT_EDGE_02 Ring of Ore Skin ITRI_PROT_FIRE_01 Flame Protection Ring ITRI_PROT_FIRE_02 Fire Ring ITRI_PROT_MAGE_01 Ring of Spirit ITRI_PROT_MAGE_02 Ring of Defense ITRI_PROT_POINT_01 Ring of Wooden Skin ITRI_PROT_POINT_01_MIS Constantino's Ring ITRI_PROT_POINT_02 Ring of Stone Skin ITRI_PROT_TOTAL_01 Ring of Inconquerability ITRI_PROT_TOTAL_02 Ring of Invincibility ITRI_STR_01 Ring of Force ITRI_STR_02 Ring of Strength ITRI_VALENTINOSRING Valentinos Ring ITRI_DEX_01 Ring of Skill ITRI_DEX_02 Ring of Dexterity Armors ITAR_BARKEEPER Landlords Clothing ITAR_BAU_L Farmers Clothing 1 ITAR_BAU_M Farmers Clothing 2 ITAR_BAUBABE_L Farmers Dress 1 ITAR_BAUBABE_M Farmers Dress 2 ITAR_BDT_H Heavy Bandits Amor ITAR_BDT_M Medium Bandits Armor ITAR_CORANGAR Cor Angars Armor ITAR_DEMENTOR Dark Cloak ITAR_DIEGO Diegos Armor ITAR_DJG_BABE Female Dragon Hunters Armor ITAR_DJG_CRAWLER Crawler Plate Armor ITAR_DJG_H Heavy Dragon Hunters Armor ITAR_DJG_L Light Dragon Hunters Armor ITAR_DJG_M Medium Dragon Hunters Armor ITAR_GOVERNOR Governors Doublet ITAR_JUDGE Judges Robe ITAR_KDF_H Heavy Fire Robe ITAR_KDF_L Fire Mages Robe ITAR_KDW_H Water Mages Robe ITAR_LEATHER_L Leather Armor ITAR_LESTER Lesters Robe ITAR_MIL_L Light Militia Armor ITAR_MIL_M Heavy Militia Armor ITAR_NOV_L Novices Robe ITAR_PAL_H Paladins Armor ITAR_PAL_M Knights Armor ITAR_PAL_SKEL Old Knights Armor ITAR_PRISONER Convicts Clothing ITAR_SLD_H Heavy Mercenary Armor ITAR_SLD_L Light Mercenary Armor ITAR_SLD_M Medium Mercenary Armor ITAR_SMITH Smiths Clothing ITAR_VLK_H Citizens Clothing ITAR_VLK_L Citizens Clothing ITAR_VLK_M Citizens Clothing ITAR_VLKBABE_H Citizens Clothing 3 ITAR_VLKBABE_L Citizens Clothing 1 ITAR_VLKBABE_M Citizens Clothing 2 ITAR_XARDAS Robe of the Dark Arts One-Handed ITMW_1H_BAU_AXE Sickle ITMW_1H_BAU_MACE Heavy Branch ITMW_1H_BLESSED_01 Rough Ore Blade ITMW_1H_BLESSED_02 Blessed Ore Blade ITMW_1H_BLESSED_03 Wrath of Innos ITMW_1H_COMMON_01 Self-forged Sword ITMW_1H_FERROSSWORD_MIS Feros Sword ITMW_1H_MACE_L_01 Poker ITMW_1H_MACE_L_03 Cudgel ITMW_1H_MACE_L_04 Smiths Hammer ITMW_1H_MIL_SWORD Rough Broadsword ITMW_1H_MISC_SWORD Rusty Sword ITMW_1H_PAL_SWORD Paladins Sword ITMW_1H_SLD_AXE Rough Hatchet ITMW_1H_SLD_SWORD Rough Sword ITMW_1H_SPECIAL_01 Ore Longsword ITMW_1H_SPECIAL_02 Ore Bastart Sword ITMW_1H_SPECIAL_03 Ore Battle Blade ITMW_1H_SPECIAL_04 Ore Dragon Slayer ITMW_1H_SWORD_L_03 Wolf Knife ITMW_1H_VLK_AXE Axe ITMW_1H_VLK_DAGGER Dagger ITMW_1H_VLK_MACE Walking Stick ITMW_1H_VLK_SWORD Sword ITMW_ALRIKSSWORD_MIS Alriks Sword ITMW_BARTAXT Beard Axe ITMW_DOPPELAXT Double-Bladed Axe ITMW_ELBASTARDO El Bastardo ITMW_FOLTERAXT Torturers Axe ITMW_INQUISITOR Inquisitor ITMW_KRIEGSHAMMER1 War Hammer ITMW_KRIEGSHAMMER2 Heavy War Hammer ITMW_KRIEGSKEULE War Cudgel ITMW_MALETHSGEHSTOCK_MIS Walking Stick ITMW_MEISTERDEGEN Master Sword ITMW_MORGENSTERN Mace and Chain ITMW_NAGELKEULE Spiked Cudgel ITMW_NAGELKEULE2 Heavy Spiked Cudgel ITMW_NAGELKNUEPPEL Spiked Club ITMW_ORKSCHLAECHTER Orc Slayer ITMW_PIRATENSAEBEL Pirates Cutlass ITMW_RABENSCHNABEL Ravens Beak ITMW_RAPIER Rapier ITMW_RICHTSTAB Judges Staff ITMW_RUBINKLINGE Ruby Blade ITMW_RUNENSCHWERT Rune Sword ITMW_SCHIFFSAXT Ship Axe ITMW_SCHWERT Rough Longsword ITMW_SCHWERT1 Fine Sword ITMW_SCHWERT2 Longsword ITMW_SCHWERT3 Rough Bastart Sword ITMW_SCHWERT4 Fine Longsword ITMW_SCHWERT5 Fine Bastard Sword ITMW_SENSE Small Scythe ITMW_SHORTSWORD1 Militia Short Sword ITMW_SHORTSWORD2 Rough Short Sword ITMW_SHORTSWORD3 Short Sword ITMW_SHORTSWORD4 Wolfs Tooth ITMW_SHORTSWORD5 Fine Short Sword ITMW_SPICKER Skullsplitter ITMW_STEINBRECHER Stonebreaker ITMW_STREITKOLBEN Mace Two-Handed HOLY_HAMMER_MIS Sacred Hammer ITMW_1H_MISC_AXE Rusty Axe ITMW_1H_NOV_MACE Fighting Pike ITMW_2H_AXE_L_01 Pick-axe ITMW_2H_BAU_AXE Woodcutters Axe ITMW_2H_BLESSED_01 Rough Ore Blade ITMW_2H_BLESSED_02 Sword of the Order ITMW_2H_BLESSED_03 Holy Executioner ITMW_2H_ORCAXE_01 Light Orc Axe ITMW_2H_ORCAXE_02 Medium Orc Axe ITMW_2H_ORCAXE_03 Heavy Orc Axe ITMW_2H_ORCAXE_04 Brutal Orc Axe ITMW_2H_ORCSWORD_01 Lizard Sword ITMW_2H_ORCSWORD_02 Orcish War Sword ITMW_2H_PAL_SWORD Paladint Two-Hander ITMW_2H_ROD Rods Two-Hander ITMW_2H_SLD_AXE Rough War Axe ITMW_2H_SLD_SWORD Rough Two-Hander ITMW_2H_SPECIAL_01 Ore Two-Hander ITMW_2H_SPECIAL_02 Heavy Ore Two-Hander ITMW_2H_SPECIAL_03 Heavy Ore Battle Blade ITMW_2H_SPECIAL_04 Large Ore Dragon Slayer ITMW_2H_SWORD_M_01 Rusty Two-Hander ITMW_BARBARENSTREITAXT Barbarian Battleaxe ITMW_BERSERKERAXT Berserkers Axe ITMW_DRACHENSCHNEIDE Dragon Slicer ITMW_HELLEBARDE Halberd ITMW_KRUMMSCHWERT War Cudgel ITMW_SCHLACHTAXT War Axe ITMW_STABKEULE Staff Mace ITMW_STREITAXT1 Light Battleaxe ITMW_STREITAXT2 Battleaxe ITMW_STURMBRINGER Stormbringer ITMW_ZWEIHAENDER1 Light Two-Hander ITMW_ZWEIHAENDER2 Two-Hander ITMW_ZWEIHAENDER3 Rune Power ITMW_ZWEIHAENDER4 Heavy Two-Hander Ammunition ITRW_ARROW Arrow ITRW_BOLT Bolt Bows ITRW_BOW_H_01 Bone Bow ITRW_BOW_H_02 Oak Bow ITRW_BOW_H_03 War Bow ITRW_BOW_H_04 Dragon Bow ITRW_BOW_L_01 Shortbow ITRW_BOW_L_02 Willow Bow ITRW_BOW_L_03 Hunting Bow ITRW_BOW_L_03_MIS Hunting Bow ITRW_BOW_L_04 Elm Bow ITRW_BOW_M_01 Composite Bow ITRW_BOW_M_02 Ash Bow ITRW_BOW_M_03 Longbow ITRW_BOW_M_04 Beech Bow ITRW_SLD_BOW Bow Crossbows ITRW_CROSSBOW_H_01 Heavy Crossbow ITRW_CROSSBOW_H_02 Dragon Hunters Crossbow ITRW_CROSSBOW_L_01 Hunting Crossbow ITRW_CROSSBOW_L_02 Light Crossbow ITRW_CROSSBOW_M_01 Crossbow ITRW_CROSSBOW_M_02 War Crossbow ITRW_DRAGOMIRSARMBRUST_MIS Dragomirs Crossbow ITRW_MIL_CROSSBOW Crossbow ITRW_SENGRATHSARMBRUST_MIS Sengraths Crossbow Runes ITRU_ARMYOFDARKNESS Army of Darkness ITRU_BREATHOFDEATH Breath of Death ITRU_CHARGEFIREBALL Large Fireball ITRU_CONCUSSIONBOLT Concussionbolt ITRU_DEATHBALL Deathball ITRU_DEATHBOLT Deathbolt ITRU_FEAR Fear ITRU_FIREBOLT Fire Arrow ITRU_FIRERAIN Rain of Fire ITRU_FIRESTORM Small Fire Storm ITRU_FULLHEAL Heal Heavy Wounds ITRU_HARMUNDEAD Destroy Undead ITRU_ICEBOLT Ice Arrow ITRU_ICECUBE Ice Block ITRU_ICEWAVE Wave of Ice ITRU_INSTANTFIREBALL Fireball ITRU_LIGHT Light ITRU_LIGHTHEAL Heal Light Wounds ITRU_LIGHTNINGFLASH Lightning ITRU_MASSDEATH Wave of Death ITRU_MASTEROFDISASTER Holy Missile ITRU_MEDIUMHEAL Heal Medium Wounds ITRU_PALDESTROYEVIL Destroy Evil ITRU_PALFULLHEAL Greater Healing ITRU_PALHOLYBOLT Holy Arrow ITRU_PALLIGHT Holy Light ITRU_PALLIGHTHEAL Lesser Healing ITRU_PALMEDIUMHEAL Medium Healing ITRU_PALREPELEVIL Harm Evil ITRU_PALTELEPORTSECRET Teleport ITRU_PYROKINESIS Large Fire Storm ITRU_SHRINK Shrink ITRU_SLEEP Sleep ITRU_SUMDEMON Summon Demon ITRU_SUMGOBSKEL Create Goblin Skeleton ITRU_SUMGOL Awaken Golem ITRU_SUMSKEL Create Skeleton ITRU_SUMWOLF Summon Wolf ITRU_TELEPORT_3 T3 ITRU_TELEPORTFARM Teleport to Landlord ITRU_TELEPORTMONASTERY Teleport to Monastery ITRU_TELEPORTOC Teleport to Castle ITRU_TELEPORTOWDEMONTOWER Teleport to Ancient Demon Tower ITRU_TELEPORTPASSNW Teleport to Pass of Khroinis ITRU_TELEPORTPASSOW Teleport to Valley of Mines Pass ITRU_TELEPORTSEAPORT Teleport to Harbor City ITRU_TELEPORTTAVERNE Teleport to Tavern ITRU_TELEPORTXARDAS Teleport to Xardas ITRU_THUNDERBALL Ball Lightning ITRU_WINDFIST Wind Fist ITRU_ZAP Small Lightning Scrolls ITSC_ARMYOFDARKNESS Army of Darkness ITSC_BREATHOFDEATH Breath of Death ITSC_CHARGEFIREBALL Large Fireball ITSC_CHARM Oblivion ITSC_FEAR Fear ITSC_FIREBOLT Fire Arrow ITSC_FIRERAIN Rain of Fire ITSC_FIRESTORM Small Fire Storm ITSC_FULLHEAL Heal Heavy Wounds ITSC_HARMUNDEAD Destroy Undead ITSC_ICEBOLT Ice Arrow ITSC_ICECUBE Ice Block ITSC_ICEWAVE Wave of Ice ITSC_INSTANTFIREBALL Fireball ITSC_LIGHT Light ITSC_LIGHTHEAL Heal Light Wounds ITSC_LIGHTNINGFLASH Lightning ITSC_MASSDEATH Wave of Death ITSC_MEDIUMHEAL Heal Medium Wounds ITSC_PALDESTROYEVIL Destroy Evil ITSC_PALFULLHEAL Greater Healing ITSC_PALHOLYBOLT Holy Arrow ITSC_PALLIGHT Holy Light ITSC_PALLIGHTHEAL Lesser Healing ITSC_PALMEDIUMHEAL Medium Healing ITSC_PALREPELEVIL Harm Evil ITSC_PYROKINESIS Large Fire Storm ITSC_SHRINK Shrink Monster ITSC_SLEEP Sleep ITSC_SUMDEMON Summon Demon ITSC_SUMGOBSKEL Create Goblin Skeleton ITSC_SUMGOL Awaken Golem ITSC_SUMSKEL Create Skeleton ITSC_SUMWOLF Summon Wolf ITSC_THUNDERBALL Ball Lightning ITSC_TRFDRAGONSNAPPER Transform into Dragon Snapper ITSC_TRFFIREWARAN Transform into Fire Lizard ITSC_TRFGIANTBUG Transform into Field Raider ITSC_TRFGIANTRAT Transform into Giant Rat ITSC_TRFLURKER Transform into Lurker ITSC_TRFSCAVENGER Transform into Scavenger ITSC_TRFSHADOWBEAST Transform into Shadowbeast ITSC_TRFSHEEP Transform into Sheep ITSC_TRFSNAPPER Transform into Snapper ITSC_TRFWARAN Transform into Lizard ITSC_TRFWARG Transform into Warg ITSC_TRFWOLF Transform into Wolf ITSC_WINDFIST Wind Fist ITSC_ZAP Lightning Food and drinks ITFO_APPLE Apple ITFO_BACON Ham ITFO_BEER Beer ITFO_BOOZE Gin ITFO_BREAD Bread ITFO_CHEESE Cheese ITFO_CORAGONSBEER Beer ITFO_FISH Fish ITFO_FISHSOUP Fish Soup ITFO_HONEY Honey ITFO_MILK Milk ITFO_SAUSAGE Sausage ITFO_SCHAFSWURST Sheep Sausage ITFO_SMELLYFISH A herring. ITWR_EINHANDBUCH Southern Defense Art ITWR_FORGEDSHIPLETTER_MIS Ship Bill ITWR_GILBERTLETTER A message.