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@Igor Khomenko : I tried a very simple use case, I sent Message to a User who is already logged out, Now when that user logs in He/She should receive message that was sent, but He didn't received that Message.

I am using Quick Blox and tried this thing with Sample provided with Quick Blox SDK.

I think that per channel permissions can be added later.

Because those are two pretty different use cases still.

If you have no luck try mentioning that the rep in chat id 0a1d99d5-e858-47ac-9814-63474cc42f3e offered a free blast upgrade! Don't have .99 Performance available in your area?

The special disappeared from my area too when I had to open a new account this week.

When 1-on-1 chat is initialized and two users are chatting, messages are being delivered and everything works great, but when app of one of the users goes background, the other one keeps messaging.

It looks like messages are being sent, saved into history and cache (I log it), but when the other users goes back online and retrieves history — these messages do not appear.

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Another might be so that you don't accidentally commit your API-KEY to Git Hub or other public repo.

I did some research and found 3 ways to get Comcast Blast Internet for .00 or less.

It seems that e Chat has the ability to mark you as picking up your self install kit from a Xfinity Store saving you the self install fee. Some people have had luck with Retentions for this deal, but e Chat is the easiest way to go 1.

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