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I've decided to put my root to a usb flash drive and boot my pi from that, because on my SD, arch got corrupted every week...

The setup did run pretty smooth now for about 2 months, but yesterday i had a corruption on my USB stick.

Two servers is the "worst possible configuration" according to the NTP authors since it will never know which one is "more" correct.

Once you get to three servers NTP can begin to mark clocks as "falsetickers" based on some internal metrics - those will show up with a status of 'x' when you run 5 is not a special number.

As an example here is my output from remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== PRIVATE .

I then bought a new (certified refurbished, actually) i Mac and migrated everything over from a Time Machine backup. When I unlock the system preference, the time then synchronizes to the correct time immediately. I read this answer and now have a total of 3 time-servers, but it doesn't seem to solve my problem.

While the ultimate precision, is not achievable with ordinary workstations and networks of today, it may be required with future gigahertz CPU clocks and gigabit LANs.

The program operates by exchanging messages with one or more configured servers at designated poll intervals.

does most computations in 64-bit floating point arithmetic and does relatively clumsy 64-bit fixed point operations only when necessary to preserve the ultimate precision, about 232 picoseconds.

In it, put this: Arch Linux and Arch Linux ARM are separate projects.

ntpd [ -a Abdg Lm NPqx ] [ -c conffile ] [ -f driftfile ] [ -g ] [ -k keyfile ] [ -l logfile ] [ -N high ] [ -p pidfile ] [ -r broadcastdelay ] [ -s statsdir ] [ -t key ] [ -v variable ] [ -V variable ] [ -x ] program is an operating system daemon which sets and maintains the system time of day in synchronism with Internet standard time servers.

I already reinstalled ntp and use the default /etc/(removed the old one, renamed /etc/pacman to .conf)My Pi uses a static IP of and the router is on (which itself also does provide a NTP server)my /etc/netctl/network:but it doesnt work on boot this even bugged me right now while rgistering on the forum (human challenge: output of date -u %V$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g' is just plain wrong when you live in the 70's ) This may be someting you need to ask on the Arch Linux ARM boards. The Rasbperry Pi doesn't have a Real Time Clock.

So that is why it is resetting itself to 1970 everytime you boot the device.

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