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You raise a good point about having more potential new members than sisters, which could very well happen because we are a small chapter. v=XHi X3PPcw68 The area near Asian Hospital along Civic Drive extending all the way up to Corporate Ave.However, not many blacks are quarterbacks because they are stupid and I tend to agree more with Arthur Schopenhauer who claimed, flat out, that women aren't attracted to intelligence and that looks bad for women and is bad for our species. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." ---Arthur Schopenhauer I'm racist but I don't really care about people who date inter racially. It was typical of "dating shows" where two contestants dated three choices and then picked a final person to have a "master date" with, on a beautiful topical island.However, I do think the fact that white women will date black men but not oriental men doesn't look good for white women since blacks are dumber than Asians -- it shows women aren't attracted to intelligence.Michio Kaku (He is Asian or part Asian) in his book The Future Of The Mind claimed that females are attracted to intelligence but of the quarterback kind instead of the nerdy kind; whatever that is supposed to mean.I hope this project becomes so sucessful that this will become the standard in future developments! I just hope they build it as impressive as the video was as it seems to me there is a bigger garden area as the commercial spaces...Its time for SM, Megaworld, and other developers to start a project like this!

Be sure that not everyone in the room is paired the whole time because 1) if you have an uneven # of sisters and rushees, you don't want to have 3 rushees standing by themselves and 2) not every rushee will like the setup.I guess it also depends on what you consider white and if you believe in the one drop rule. People really think their extinction of their culture/race will happen, even if interracial marriages are seriously low. Fear mixed with irrational anger can turn any human into a paranoid savage.If the offspring of a mixed couple, continues to mix with whites, it only takes a generation or two for the non-european genes to fade away and disappear. If interracial couples and dating isn't directly affecting you or your life then why do you care if the white woman down the street likes Aframs or if your Hispanic co-worker likes Asian women. I'm racist but I don't really care about people who date inter racially.The women have been all over the place from a foul mouthed ugly dyke who got her face smashed on the zipline to a smokin hot babe from Israel or LA.There was this extremely fit guy from Texas with dreadlocks who supposedly had an erection when he walked up to meet the primary girl on her third date, but his Facebook page says that VH1 made up a lot of that stuff.

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Its other sub-sites include Cams.com, Penthouse.com, Stripshow.com, i and others, with a total of 412 million accounts.

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This creates an environment where cancerous mutations in DNA are not repaired or removed and are allowed to accumulate.

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They aim to challenge the notion of beauty by drawing ones own and contrasting it with the dark and the strange.