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However, leather had a low rate of survival in the deseart.

The Cairo roll was no exception: part of it was fragmented into very tiny pieces.

Two artificial big toes - one found attached to the foot of an ancient Egyptian mummy - were the world's earliest functional prosthetic body parts, according to a study.

A three-part wood and leather artefact housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the Greville Chester artificial toe on display in the British Museum, helped their toe-less owners walk like Egyptians.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the sub-continent was the development of the technology of dyeing and printing of fabric.

This is evident from the discovery of a dyer's workshop at Moenjodaro.

The manuscript, which had been lost in the museum for about 70 years, was purchased by the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology in Cairo from a local antiquities dealer sometime after the WWI.

The Greville Chester toe - made from cartonnage, a sort of papier maché constructed using linen, glue and plaster - shows considerable signs of wear, while the Cairo toe has certain features, such as a simple hinge, a chamfered front edge and a flattened underside.The celebrated statue of the King Priest discovered at Moenjodaro has a trefoil motif on the draped shawl. The same trefoil is seen on the Hathor Cow and on the bodies of Sumerian bulls in Mesopotamia where the concept of trinity was evolved.The trefoil is thought to be composed of three sun discs fused together to represent the inseparable unity of the Gods of Sun, Water and Earth.A door found during one of the church's many restorations could date as early as the 4th Century.Between 10, the Church was fully restored to house the relics of Saint Barbara. The Church was damaged again by another fire during the 12th century.

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And because of that..has been such a blessing for both of us.” ~ Bryan Long We recognize that it can be challenging to meet other Christian singles with whom you share common goals, interests, and backgrounds in your geographical area, and we can help.

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To overcome delays and cost overruns, the company is reportedly looking at wireless alternatives.

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For purposes of determining the amount of loss recognized by any liquidating corporation on any sale, exchange, or distribution of property described in subparagraph (B), the adjusted basis of such property shall be reduced (but not below zero) by the excess (if any) of— the acquisition of such property by the liquidating corporation was part of a plan a principal purpose of which was to recognize loss by the liquidating corporation with respect to such property in connection with the liquidation. 100–647, § 1018(d)(5)(D), substituted “liquidations which are part of a reorganization” for “certain liquidations to which part III applies” in heading and amended text generally. For purposes of the preceding sentence, an S corporation shall not be treated as a member of a controlled group unless such corporation was a C corporation for its taxable year which includes The provisions of this subsection shall also apply in the case of a transaction described in section 338 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 where the acquisition date (within the meaning of such section 338) is before Rules similar to the rules of this subsection shall apply for purposes of applying section 1374 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (as amended by section 632) in the case of a qualified corporation which makes an election to be an S corporation under section 1362 of such Code before For purposes of this section, a corporation shall be treated as completely liquidated if all of the assets of such corporation are distributed in complete liquidation, less assets retained to meet claims.

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At the time of their arrival, the rulers of Japan, the Tokugawa Shogunate, were persecuting Christians.